Skills are the backbone of Avalar, Skills are what makes your character who you are!

Currently there are 7 Skills in the world of Avalar for your character to master!

Fishing - Collect and fish for fishes, while you fish you have a small chance at collecting lockboxes.

Mining - Collect and mine for ores/gems, while your character mines you have a very very small chance at collecting lockboxes.

Woodcutting - Collect and chop down trees for logs, while you chop down trees your character has a very small chance at collecting lockboxes.

Carpentry - Carpentry is a skill currently used to refine the logs you got from woodcutting into planks.

Cooking - Cooking is used to cook the food you collect from fishing, fishing is currently the only skill you can collect food from to cook.

Lockpicking - You use the masterful art of lockpicking to open the lockboxes that are scavenged from the world of Avalar, currently lockboxes can only be found while you train Fishing, Mining and Woodcutting.

Smelting - You use the ancient methods of firing impure ores into a masterful bar of metal.